Exploring Prayer Together

The Bahá'ís in the Triangle region invite friends and soon-to-be-friends to pray together at small devotional meetings all across the metro area.

Devotional meetings are places where people gather to pray and engage in conversations about the spiritual side of life. Free from ritual or ceremony, these dignified yet informal meetings are hosted by individuals or groups, Bahá'ís and their friends, alike. Although every devotional meeting is different, they each feature selections from the Bahá'í prayers and writings, and often include excerpts from the holy texts other faith traditions. Some of these quotations may have been selected in advance by the host, while others are spontaneously offered by those in attendance, contributing to a rich and welcoming environment.

All gathered are welcome to share prayers at this prayer meeting in Raleigh.

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Strengthening Communities Through Service

Bahá'ís consider prayer to be a necessary ingredient to healthy communities, and a powerful tool for serving the community. Communal worship has the power to inspire and strengthen everyone involved, which infuses new energy and vision into a region's collective endeavors.

Devotional meetings are one of a number of activities where Bahá'ís and their friends explore the connection between prayer and service. Other activities include classes for children, junior youth groups, and study circles. The aim of these varied activities is to build vibrant communities that embrace the diversity of our world.

Children’s classes

Children's classes focus on the development of human virtues, and turn abstract concepts, such as truthfulness or kindness, into beautifully simple lessons.

Junior youth groups

Junior youth groups empower young people to see themselves as agents of change, and support them as they arise to serve their communities.

Study circles

Study circles are small groups that explore selections from the Bahá’í writings on topics such as the soul, life after death, and education, and serve their neighborhoods together.

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